My Approach

My Naturopathic Approach

Our initial consultation will involve us getting to know each other through a detailed case taking,  whilst we endeavor to uncover the causative source of your ill health. We will discuss your presenting condition, the function of any related systems or organs, family history, diet, lifestyle habits, work, current medications and other pertinent environmental toxicities. If deemed necessary I may also conduct physical examinations such as blood pressure, pulse, respiratory, cardiac or abdominal auscultations or iridology imaging.

To assist in the restoration of your health an holistic treatment plan will be structured to fit your individual needs and requirements. This may include diet and lifestyle alterations, advice or education.

If necessary treatment options may also include herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, massage therapy, pathology requests or referral to other holistic practitioners.

Return consultations are important in an holistic treatment plan. Here we will discuss the progress of your healing journey and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan.

I am grateful and honored to have been your choice as your health care practitioner. Your healing journey starts here and now.

Services and Pricing:

  • Initial Naturopathic Consultation – 60 minutes – Mobile Service: $120
  • Return Consultation – 40 minutes – Mobile Service: $90
  • Initial Consultation including a 30 minute Swedish Massage Treatment – 90 minutes – Mobile Service: $150
  • Return consultation including Swedish Massage – 80 minutes – Mobile Service: $120
  • Initial Consultation – 60minutes –Labrador Clinic: $100
  • Return Consultation- 40 minutes –Labrador Clinic: $70
  • Initial Consultation with Swedish Massage- 90minutes- Labrador Clinic: $130
  • Return Consultation with Swedish Massage Treatment – 60 minutes – Labrador clinic: $100
  • Initial Skype Consultation – 60 minutes- Labrador Clinic: $100
  • Return Skype Consultation – 40 minutes – Labrador Clinic: $70
  • Optimise Naturally Program  – $115: See ‘Resources to Help YOU’ page for more information.