Resources to help YOU

To assist in your healing journey I have an array of naturopathic medicines that are available at your convenience, through our online dispensary. Prescriptions can be expensive, time consuming, an inconvenience and they are not always necessary but in cases when assistance is required I have a wide variety of modalities to offer that can fit your unique circumstance.

Western Herbal Medicine:                          

Herbal medicine utilises powerful, scientifically proven phytochemicals found within the plant to treat, heal or prevent a variety of symptoms and conditions. Each plant offers specific healing actions such as Curcuma longa (Tumeric) which has powerful anti-inflammatory actions or Echinacea spp (Echinacea) which offers an immune modulating activity. Herbal actions can be chosen specific to your condition and mixed together to make your unique healing formula.

Nutritional Medicine:

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’ is the famous Hippocrates (Father of Medicine) statement that still stands true today. Medicine is right at our finger tips, you just have to know how to use it.  Nature intended us to eat whole foods that are fresh and clear of toxins. Whole foods contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals which, when consumed as a whole provides all that the body requires and more through a synergy that occurs between the those micronutrients. Individual supplementation is not meant to replace the combined therapeutic effect of foods as they are naturally found but rather be prescribed to fulfil the need for a specific action that is required to support the restoration of health.

Lifestyle and Dietary Advice:

What a difference a change in your diet and lifestyle can make. Who would have thought that removing dairy from your diet would reduce the formation of mucous or increasing your fibre intake can improve your constipation, or going for a brisk walk in the morning could improve your mental, physical and spiritual health. Yes! sometimes it is that simple and sometimes it is not. There are many elements to your environment that will affect your health including your work, your garden, your social activities. That is where naturopathic medicine comes in. I offer an holistic health care plan, one that can be tailored  to optimise your current lifestyle.

Swedish Massage:

Stress is a fact of life in today’s world and everybody copes with stress in their own way. Sometimes good and sometimes not so good. Swedish massage is a way that I can reduce the stress hormones that is making your body run at sub optimal levels and stimulate the ‘feel good hormones’ that relaxes your body and puts your mind in a better place.

Essential oils can be included in the massage to unwind your tangles, calm your mind and trigger your bodies natural processes of repairing and healing.

Diagnostic Support:


Iridology is an assessment tool used to determine tissue integrity throughout the body as well as the bodies genetic predisposition to weaknesses. The colours and pattern of the iris fibers can indicate acute or chronic inflammation, pain, tension, congestion, and nutritional depletion. Iridology will tell me about your genetic constitution, indicating your strengths, emotions plus your ability and capacity to recover and heal.

As part of the consultation process I will take picture’s of your iris in order to follow your healing progression. These and any other personal records are always available to you and discussed in detail at your request.

Optimise Naturally Program:

‘Optimise Naturally’ is a simple, enjoyable and proven system of aligning your environment to optimise your physical, mental and emotional capabilities.
Your environment controls up to 98% of the way in which many of your genes express themselves. This means the way in which they act physically and control virtually all aspects of your life.
Currently, you and almost everyone else on the planet, are operating at a sub-optimal level due to the effects of the environment. Processed foods, low nutrient intake, toxins and chemicals, electromagnetic fields and extremely low frequency influences are responsible for a breakdown in the body’s normal day to day functions.
These functions are driven by two basic processes which are crucial to the way in which your physical body expresses. Firstly, the quality of new cells your body creates to repair itself and secondly, the nervous system and enzyme processes which are responsible for all bodily processes.
As the environment controls gene expression it is the most crucial aspect of producing optimised cells, which in turn produce optimised tissues, which in turn produce optimised organs and finally systems and the entire organism – or optimised you!
Your enzyme processes are entirely reliant on a constant supply of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for them to operate. Your nervous system is strongly affected by toxins, additives and EMF/ELF.
To optimise yourself you need to ensure that these processes are working at their optimised levels.
Anything less the optimum and you feel the effects in a loss of function, which can be reflected in low energy, poor sleep, weak immune, poor concentration, irritability, general aches and pain, slow recovery, susceptibility to injury and more. If left in a sub-optimal state for too long then this can eventually lead to chronic health issues.
The ‘Optimise naturally’ program is designed to help identify many of the common environmental influences that could be leading to a less-than-optimum output of your genes and enzymes. Also, to provide you with a 90-Day Plan for dealing with these issues and optimising yourself through dietary and nutritional programs.
Optimisation is an awakening process, whereby you become aware of the effects of your environment on your body, you feel the positive choices that you make and you become responsible for your own destiny.