About Me

My passion for naturopathy and the desire to heal has been a long-standing tradition in my family with my grandparents living amongst the Indigenous Aboriginals practicing traditional herbal medicine. Today, I have fulfilled my dreams to become a naturopath, living on the gorgeous Gold Coast with my family.

My professional background is in retail management but as an adult my desire to further my knowledge in natural medicine led me to undertake a health science degree in naturopathy. I was very fortunate to have such inspiring teachers/mentors and I embraced the naturopathic knowledge they passed down, especially in herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, iridology, extemporaneous compounding and Swedish massage.

I wanted to immerse myself in the naturopathic world and support the profession wherever possible. This led me to apply for a volunteer position as a student representative on the board of The Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association (ANPA) where I have resided for the past 3 years. Additionally, I was fortunate enough to be able to inaugurate a chapter group on the Gold Coast, where I facilitate regular meetings in order to provide an opportunity for myself and other naturopaths to build and enhance their own naturopathic knowledge and skills plus an additional opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals.

As a naturopath, I believe that my patients’ health and wellbeing is paramount. I will utilise naturopathic principals such as treating the cause, enhancing the body’s innate ability to self-heal and patient education will create a pathway of self-empowerment to achieve and maintain optimal health. Furthermore, I will consider the natural interplay that occurs between the physical, spiritual, mental and environmental elements that have such a significant impact on the fate of our health and vitality.

To assist in the healing journey I have available an array of evidence-based naturopathic treatment options such as herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, extemporaneous compounding, swedish massage, or diet and lifestyle advice that will provide the healing properties needed to repair, restore and maintain internal harmony.

It’s Thyme for Natural Medicine!