Does Eating Fat Scare You?

Do you avoid fats in your diet?
Do you buy skinny milk and low fat foods?

Eating fats is essential, you just have to eat the right fats!
Every cell in your body including your brain is surrounded in fat. Your cells cannot function adequately without fat. Fat soluble vitamins and phytochemicals need fats in order to be absorbed in the gut.

This stuff is important!

Some common signs of a fat deficiency are:
Dry brittle hair
Brittle nails
Cracked heels
“Chicken fat” arms
“Crocodile” skin
Poor moods
Vitamin deficiency
Frequent colds and flu’s
Just to name a few!

Eating a well balanced diet is important. Plants provide an abundance of nutrients (fats, vitamins and minerals) that your body needs to function on a daily basis.

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