More herbal information – Horsechestnut

Some More Herbal Information:

Aesculus hippocastanum
Horsechestnut is a fantastic herb that is specific for tissue congestion with a great affinity for vein function and symptoms associated with varicose veins and poor venous return.
Horsechestnut has a toning effect specifically on deep veins.
Horsechestnut is also effective for conditions involving tissue congestion such as varicocele, with results showing it improves sperm production.
It works well in combination with Butchers broom. Then add Echinacea root to the herbal mix for an effective treatment for haemorrhoids.

Other conditions where oedema is at fault or that it is affecting nerve function are conditions such as disc damage, Meniere’s disease and Bells Palsy all of which horsechestnut can be of benefit.

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