One of my favourite herbs

Schisandra chinensis is a versatile herb that works its best magic as a liver herb and as an adaptogen. Schisandra triggers sour receptors in the mouth, which kicks the gall bladder into life, which is especially beneficial for Biliary detoxification.
Additionally, Schisandra is hepatic protective along with having potent effects for improving phase 2 liver detoxification. These actions are especially beneficial for patients with Hepatitis C as Schisandra also has an anti-hep C activity.
Schisandra was known as the 1st Russian adaptogen (Helps the body adapt to stress) after being used by the indigenous tribes of northern Siberia, to assist with their endurance, stamina and survival during periods of hunting.
In the 50s and 60s it was used in mental conditions, such as depression. Plus, it was used to boost immunity, low platelet counts and improve mental performance, especially mental performance in people struggling with skilled, repetitive performance work.

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